Bold, visionary, and a total boss - Talmar Anderson helps small businesses and entrepreneurs shed the struggle of being a business owner and teaches her clients and audiences alike how to be the bosses of THEIR business.

Business is not innate. It is learned. At least that is what Talmar believes! And NOW more than ever business owners and entrepreneurs are getting repeatedly stuck…on the people side of business. Talmar also believes it does NOT have to be so hard to build your own kick-ass team!

"After researching the options available for an entrepreneur that was ready to hire…well, I was shocked! After the SBA’s overly simplified process suggestions, most could not access the details they needed until they could afford big time masterminds! You know the ones that start at $25,000 - $100,000 a year. Still, research from past clients that have been a part of some of those great groups (I love an effective mastermind!) found that most owners will still be advised to develop their own systems for real success.”

And that was it, Talmar set out to develop a repeatable, usable and easy to adapt system that would lead every entrepreneur to the result we all long for…our own dream team ( Team BA calls that a “kick-ass” team). The ground breaking Escape The Hiring Loop Program is the answer for the question “HOW” do I build a team that rocks their roles AND I enjoy working with every day?

With over 20 years of real world experience, Talmar knows the real world struggles business owners go through - mentally, emotionally, and financially  - when they are making the shift from biz owner to boss. Because let’s be real- being “the boss” can be lonely.

With the launch of the Better Boss Mastery membership, Talmar and Team BA bring the connections back into being a boss. Fighting the isolation that comes along with being the Boss. Not alone anymore. The online Better Boss Mastery Membership is always at its members fingertips helping them navigate the conversations, systems, and potential setbacks of being a building your best possible team.

Dedicated to helping bosses- new and old- lead their teams in ways that empower their businesses’  bottom lines, Talmar’s fun, non-fluffy, and direct approach defines her as the go to BOSS Actions leader in the entrepreneurial and small business space.


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