Boss Actions COnsulting & Re-Occurring Sessions

These services are open only to current or previous clients. These fees include holding space on the Boss Actions calendar for a 6 month period of time, regularly scheduled sessions and consulting specific to you, BOSS, and your company’s needs!

Scheduled Sessions and Consulting
Pre-pay in Full Sessions and Consulting

Register now to set your calendar of Boss Sessions and keep on rocking Your Bossitude through one on one time with FOunder, Talmar Anderson!

SORRY for the inconvenience! Your FAST ACTION payment links for the Escape The Hiring Loop Self-Study Program are below! Choose the “Buy Now” button to activate the pre-paid in full discount. Use the “Installment” button to Pay by 3 monthly payments including your FAST Actions Discount.

3 Monthly Payments
Number of payments 3
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Total $1,941.00 USD
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