sIgn up for KICK-ASS BOSS Group

$2,150 /Pre-Pay or $400 /MO

You don't have to do this alone! Boss Actions and this community of other bosses allow you can share and talk about all the boss pieces. Receive actionable information and insights you need to be a Kick-Ass Boss getting the best from your Kick-Ass team. Let’s do this together!

Do you have an employee that literally is always late?

What about employees that miss deadlines for projects?

Are you frustrated by the idea that you have to keep having the same conversations over and over again?

If you have been wondering what YOU can be doing differently to motivate your team to higher performance, this program is for you!

It's not about being mean, crushing souls like an insensitive lout or changing your whole business to fit a few.  It is about recognizing what the Boss role is and how you can better serve your business' needs by leading your own kick-ass team. 

During the twice monthly LIVE video conference group calls (Of course, recorded for you!), Talmar Anderson includes a topic tutorial, a hot seat and a Q&A portion to each hour long session! This 6-month revolving group coaching program walks you through how to improve your company by improving YOUR Boss skills! Be a kick-ass boss so your staff can deliver their best.

The Kick-ass Boss Program covers these topics, and so much more:

  • On-boarding

  • Performance reviews

  • Management meetings

  • Boss mindset and Team Engagement

  • Compensation, raises, bonuses

  • Boss vs. Friend - navigating the relationship with your staff

  • Firing - both immediate and with notice


  • 2 LIVE group video conference calls per month - learn, grow, get your questions answered and be accountable to take action!

  • 3 1-on-1 calls with Talmar (45 minutes each) - go deep into your specific challenges to build your Boss muscles

    • These private sessions are scheduled on your preference during the 6 months!

After this program and the 6 month opportunity to learn from Boss Actions AND other Bosses, your skills and success at the “people side” of your business will grow exponentially! All that we want for you is the team that helps you grow your company to build on your success. Dare I say it, you may even have fun with your ultimate kick-ass team. Not only is it possible, it is life changing!

Revolving?” What does that mean? It means you do not have to wait MONTHS for a group to form! Each Kick-Ass Boss Group Member starts the 1st day of the 1st month following sign up! So choose your payment option and sign up above to get your welcome details!

Have More questions? Schedule a time to ask Talmar directly!