Escape the Hiring Loop and make your Shift from Business Owner to Boss!

escape The Hiring loop

And Build your OWn kick-ass team!


Why do some business owners have time to work on side projects, write books and go on vacations….while others feel they have to say “no”?

“No” to watching their kids shows.

“No” to weekends traveling without the office laptop.

“No” to eating dinner at a reasonable time…AWAY from their desk.

And why are some entrepreneurs enjoying the freedom of time and profits…while others are frustrated and overwhelmed with the heaviness of running a business?

The difference is that successful companies have mastered how to build their “dream” team.

Isn’t it time your Mastered this skill too? Your Business will thank you!


We want to serve our audience, our families, AND make a positive impact in the world through our work. Heck, maybe even have fun with the people that we work with every day? Well, guess what! NONE of that is going to happen by doing it all yourself.  "Yes", it’s true. You can not do it alone. And before you start telling me “I know. I know. I have heard this all before. “ Hear me say this:


You ARE NOT meant to be a business owner.

You ARE MEANT to be a boss.

Bosses are in the KNOW.  They have kick-ass teams that support and help to grow and scale the company. Making the shift to being the boss within your own business you set up your company to be thriving, fun and profitable. You CAN have a business with great influence now and years from now. But to get there, you have to shed your “DIY,” do-it-all-yourself business owner mindset and STOP trying to “figure it out”. A Boss wants the specific answers to more quickly and more easily get the results the company need. You need to stop looking at yourself as simply a business owner. You must start seeing yourself as a BOSS.

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Being great in business and being a great boss isn’t instinctual- it’s educational. Let me show you how to have both: a profitable business and kick-ass employees.

To become a boss you must surrender the mindset of a business owner.

And this is exactly what we cover with our mini-Course THE SH*FT! This course shows explicit examples of thE difference between the perspective of a “business Owner” as opposed to a “Boss”. The Bosses inside the Boss Actions Membership use this to set and refocus when they are trying to make sure they are working in their business best interests.

Want a sneak peek? Check out these 3 extra SH*FTs to get an idea of how you can start moving your business to growth more successfully!


THE SH*FT - No One Person!

THE SH*FT - Not As Good As Me.

THE SH*FT - Structure That Flexibility.


Are you ready to get your SH*FT together?

It is time to make the SH*FT to boss. Join Better boss Mastery NOW…