Escape the Hiring Loop and make your Shift from Business Owner to Boss!

Say NO MORE to “good Enough” hires.

Escape The Hiring Loop Course

Get started NOW to find your answers!

Boss Actions’ ground-breaking Program is NOW an Online course too! Escape The Hiring Loop, teaches overwhelmed entrepreneurs and business owners how to develop THE skill that differentiates a successful entrepreneur from a struggling entrepreneur.

Building Your Own Kick-ass team!



This course IS the change you need to begin to build the team you dreamed about way back when you started this entrepreneurial journey! If you:

  • Have been putting off hiring because you just don’t believe there is anyone that will care as much as you do.

  • Are tired of being disappointed by the sheer mass of waiter resumes (NOT A RESTAURANT) and unqualified applicants.

  • Have started building a team but look around and think, “Is this really as good as it gets out there for employees?”

  • Keep trying to find good people but have to repeatedly start over after new hires can’t catch on to the training.

Most do not get access to this essential process and guidance until AFTER they have spent years wrestling through trying to “figure it out”. If they are lucky, they join a high end mastermind that throws some time to the hiring process though most still just deliver ideology on organizational structuring. Important but leaving you hanging with the thought “But HOW do I do that?

Boss Actions wants to SHOW you exactly how you can learn to:

  • Identify what you need for YOUR business

  • Attract YOUR best possible team

  • Match your needs to only those that will ENHANCE your company

  • Motivate your own kick-ass team!

And you can use this program for what your business needs right now and then use it for what your business needs in the future.

AND yes! This is the EXACT same process whether you are looking for a vendor, independent contractor or an employee. YOUR team will include shifting combinations of these three key small business resources!

Make the jump out of the Hiring Loop and let’s change how you build your team. Let’s plan for success!


Escape the Hiring Loop Video Course $2,500
Escape the Hiring Loop FULL Training Manual $997
On-Boarding Made Simple Module $497
Reduce YOUR Risk - IC vs. Employee Test $197

Total $4,191
(Payment Plan available)
to gain IMMEDIATE and Lifetime access!


  • 3 Modules to ensure you build a SKILL that will serve you throughout your long successful career. Learn:

    • I - Identify - How to ensure you only hire what will help your business by learning HOW to identify what your business needs.

    • A - Attract - How to attract the best possible people so you meet the needs of your business AND build a team culture that you enjoy!

    • M - Match - How to customize your Hiring process for each and every position within your company.

    And because we know it can feel like it is only the beginning to building a team when you make the offer, Boss Actions created a 4th Module to get you started with your new team member in our On-Boarding Made Simple.

    • M - Motivate - How to set up your new team member for success through On-Boarding and Management Best Practices (we call these “Boss Best Practices”.)

  • Printable guides detailing best practices starting with when you are “just thinking about hiring” all the way through the first 90 days

  • Video Trainings Featuring our Boss Founder, Talmar Anderson to ensure you can focus on each step and the results!

  • Done-for-you templates to deliver a fully repeatable Hiring Process for your business!

  • Lifetime Access

  • Plus truly be a master by being certified through Boss Actions.


You DON'T have to “figure it out”SOLO.

BOSS ACTIONS Membership 



We've all been there. We are business owners trying to kill it in business, yet it seems like the business is killing us. Specifically the ongoing demands of managing the “people” side of our business. Employees dressed inappropriately. Independent Contractors that cant make deadlines. Vendors that can’t deliver exacly what we need. Is the team creating more stress than help?

THEN ONE DAY WE DECIDE TO GET HELP. Let’s talk Boss to Boss.


Beyond the SH*FT, This membership provides on Demand virtual Training as well access to other Bosses and “the” Boss herself, Talmar Anderson. The Boss Actions Membership INCLUDES:

  • Our “Shut The Door” Community – YEP, you can “Shut The Door” and use the instant messaging system to have straight talk with other Bosses that are dealing with the same chaos, frustration and stress that usually starts with one of your team saying…”Have You got a minute?”…arghhhh

  • The priceless “Let Me Write That Down!” Series – THIS is the piece that will give you the strength and know-how for challenges on some touchy issues your Boss role requires you to do within your own company – the team management. Each month a new script is added to the library!

    • These are Video examples of how to start some of the MOST challenging conversations GUARANTEED to happen throughout your long successful business owner career! Each features commentary and insights from Talmar Anderson on how to best position your approach and protect your relationships, your team and the company.

  • And access too! The “I Have A Question… “ LIVE webinar series- This monthly LIVE Q&A with Talmar Anderson

    • This is the place to get your specific questions answered.

    • Hot seats available

    • Recorded for your pleasure…..

  • Don’t forget our Experts! the “Are you There Yet? Series offers interviews with experts that support the many pieces to hiring, managing and growing your team. From Contracts for Independent Contractors to Payroll, each month a new interview is added to keep you in the loop and build on your Boss resources!







This 6-month revolving group program walks you through how to improve your company by improving YOUR Boss skills! Be a kick-ass boss so your staff can deliver their best.

The Kick-Ass Boss Program covers these topics, and so much more:

  • On-boarding

  • Performance reviews

  • Management meetings

  • Boss mindset

  • Compensation, raises, bonuses

  • Boss vs. Friend - navigating the relationship with your staff

  • Firing



  • 2 group video conference calls per month - learn, grow, get your questions answered and be accountable to take action

  • 3 1-on-1 calls with Talmar (45 minutes each) - go deep into your specific challenges to kick-ass